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    Default is this how devs treats f2p players ?

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    yup,the picture above is my conversation with futumsh
    Hey everyone, i want to spill the tea hehe

    i was talking about how i got banned with futumsh
    and that is how they reply to me....
    i also have sent a ticket to support (chad) but the reply is always same like it's been designed to reply automatically,
    they cant even provide the proof
    as what he said,
    "never paid us anything"
    so if a banned player once bought a plat
    but they keep doing bad stuff like those dirty things in terms of service ( gold selling,account exploitation,platinum farming,etc)
    will they get unban? or...? XD
    lots of my friends got banned these days,
    even a hard farmer that never did any mistake they shut him down too
    come on all of innocent banned players open your mouth a little bit to get justice
    for every effort that you have done with your account

    fyi, my forum account was banned by futumsh after i said i wanna make this post
    so lets see their reaction about this thread ...
    will they close the thread? they remove the thread?
    lets see..

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    You got banned because you're the worst sort of violator.

    Selective edits and lies won't restore your account.
    | | | |

    Need help? Please visit our Support Website at

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    When I've already told you why you were banned, that any unbanning is completely up to support, given you support's contact info, and told you not to PM me about it again, and yet you keep PM'ing me, then yes, you'll end up with that sort of response for wasting my time, and then you get banned from the forums.

    Support is not my job - I'm a programmer, so any response at all is me being nice. And yes, obviously I'm more tolerant of people that help pay for the games I work on. I'm also more tolerant of people that are polite.

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