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Thread: Ranking System!

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    Default Ranking System!

    I think this is long overdue! How nice would it be to have a ranking system similar to that of Classic WoW. A monthly event dedicated to strictly PvPing. A tier system that stretches from 1 to 14 and each one with their own set of rewards based on percentages of kills obtained. At the very top sits Tier 14, a throne for only 1 player who had to compete for a whole month to get there. Constantly having to defend his spot against others who try to dethrone him. He know's that at the end of the month he'll recieve a reward that is exclusive to himself and no other.

    This should be a endgame exclusive event that is played in it's own PvP arena. The gear should be balanced accordingly. Each class should have a chance to compete. Rewards should vary from minor items in the low ranks to gold plat and vanities in the high. To be fair, the first 13 ranks should be accessible for everyone to make. This will make it so that Tier 14 is a much bigger grind. The arena will not be hostable. This will counter those who'd try boosting.

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    I like this idea, I basically play exclusively PvP so this is tailored well to me and I'm sure many others. I would base the point system off of games won over simply kills because I know that at least in endgame honor, even a great bear can't really compete with the kills a bird would get just because of the damage discrepancy.

    Cool idea love to see fun new ideas being tossed around! :P

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