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Thread: Community hosted event!

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    Wink Community hosted event!

    Hello everybody,

    We decided to host an in-game event. Me and Xenodium are the hosts.
    Tomorrow (05.06), 19:00 UTC, Numa Prime Base.
    Rules: 1 account per person, no spamming in chat, no begging. We need original thinking here!
    More in-depth rules to be told in-game. It's a... Forums event! No random number guessing.
    Event prizes: At entry, you will get 100k from me/Xenodium.
    3rd Prize Winner will get Furious Eyepatch + 1 000 000 credits
    2nd Prize Winner will get BBQ Tongs vanity item + 1 000 000 credits
    1st Prize Winner will get Squid Buddy + 1 000 000 credits.

    (Event prizes can still change, but they won't get any less )

    Have fun and see you on our spaceship!
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    I am Xenodium and I approve this message.

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    To help the developers of Star Legends I'd like to suggest that they make ''Packs'' either purchasable with platinum or real money and the price in real money shouldn't be too expensive depending on what the pack gives it could give specific armors that can help a low level player become strong similar to the packs in Dark Legends, and packs that gives random rarity vanity with a low chance for an exclusive rare vanity.
    My second suggestion is making the game a free offer or 1$ offer for other games currency you don't just get profit from it but you get new players that might like the game and stay in it, it's a win win situation.
    Adding permanent maps for credits or just making the credit loot percentage higher in normal maps because if we are playing in an age before modding and items aren't above 10 million credits it would be fair how ever the value of credits right now is way different that the credits we get in campaign maps are basically too low to be farmed.
    More activities when there are no events because people gets bored when there is nothing to do even trading is hard now days because of people not having enough credits I'd suggest a weekly activity of PVE kills+PVP kills(honor) with fair prizes for top 3 players.

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