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Thread: Just some minor suggestions.

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    Default Just some minor suggestions.

    The following are some suggestions I came up with over the past few weeks whilst investing my time into the game.

    1 - Introduction of a new set of AOE (area of effect) DOT (damage over time) weapons. A possible idea is electricity based weapons with shocks that spread from one enemy to another within a certain vicinity. Maybe rather than them consisting of DOT they could rather have a stun function just as Napalm can cause mobs to 'dance'. This could also be an excuse to add another faction or storyline/level cap. My idea would be a water based faction (maybe cybernetic fish) whom you need to interact with on their planet in order to obtain a resource required for the regulation and maintenance or fix of the Blackstar.

    Edit: For reference to weapon design take a look at 'Amprex' from Warframe and the 'Tempest' from Black Ops 3. Amprex seems to project my idea perfectly.

    2 - Change stash order in terms of rarity and name just like the inventory. Currently it seems to be in order of time added and I have the same items on opposite ends of my lists and it is a hassle to count and organise. In addition a stash capacity increase would promote the idea of adding more charachters to share and hold items between and hence plat purchases.

    3 - Remove either str & dex & int collective mod or remove the individual traits. Armor doesn't seem to have the issue yet implants and weapons do. For those with any of those stats currently could be replaced with the suitable alternative i.e 10 str changed to 10str, int & dex. Having those stats at endgame is next to negligible but having both collective and individual is simply a 'Scorn' of an approach (Get it? haha) p.s. Scorn snipers/assassins still have messed up tracking in Voleria / Nysarra. The issue was fixed in gauntlet event (many thanks!) but it remains in the other maps.

    4 - Use Plat to improve a mod rather than reroll. For example a mod of 10 Armor, 10 dmg & 10 Str could be increased to 25 Armor, 10 dmg & 10 Str. The modding system in Star Legends is difficult in comparison to the other games and is part of the reason many players have left after continous fail. This suggestion is a small change which would help prices as well as promoting further Plat purchase. I really think this will be extremely popular! (Also remove the flashing lights as this could result in a law case if it triggers photosensitive epilepsy especially since there is no warning)

    +1 in regards to modding as suggested by others is a locking/hearting system to mods. Maybe have the existing locking system also lock mods or introduce a seperate system altogether for mods specifically. Accidental modding to items on which millions have been spent is extremely daunting.

    5 - Introduce weekly quests rewarding 100k or more to help starter players. It provides a solid foundation for them whilst for us 'older' players it would be a reason to play and farm more often. It seems like the sweet spot since it doesn't have too much of an impact to endgame but is what would be needed for those new to the game and whom are earning mere change after weeks of grinding. These missions could change every week or simply be an easier version of the E/L token weekly and the Nysarra Weekly quests. They provide rewards which very quickly have become baseless and is something practically all players ignore since it is simply just not worth the effort. Asking for 1-2 hours of grinding for the weekly quest also seems appropriate. Maybe the missions could involve the bosses and that would encourage teamplay. Consider how successful the requirement for a team was during the gauntlet event.

    6 - A new currency. Many have suggested this before and again I will repeat for them. A new currency could be what we need to solve this economical crisis. The event tokens were a good template for change and could be something to be worked upon.

    Having more people play a little every day is better than having less people play more. For both the game and the developers.

    Here's to hoping for a bright future for Star Legends

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    + 1, Great suggestions.

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    These are some really great ideas! And just to add on the stash issue, there need to also be an easier way to search for our required items, like a search option, like in the Consignment Shoppe.

    Also, about your first suggestion, there is a similar stun effect from UC Shipyards, the Female Cultist uses it against us, the effect is called "Debilitating Revolt" that could be used as a weapon with electrical damage against enemies.

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    i hope sl give a chance to have a event for arb helmet.also to those beginners to get a chance to have arb helmet..coz so many old player are acting arrogant to player beginners.or make a new map and boss monster not always bio monster make a monster like in arcane legend and a map.sorry but the new armor elite are not good look.its better the old armor.op and com now are have bad armor pack coz so big.and the new nap now are so bad using coz always late the fire and bad design its better the lvl 55 nap look design.and the uc marine are no pack?and the droping are bad im always so sad coz i love play sl all map to farming but no drop why?

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