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    Default DL GUILDS NEED FIXES! @Cinco

    ---->!-Needed! <------ CINCO

    Ok so ive been on DL since 2013 and joined the community on 2015 cause i didnt really mind much back than.

    and like all the pro players on DL including myself we know what the game has to offer.

    But something is been bugging some of us doesnt anyone notice the facts that DL has gone through of several nice updates but nothing is focused on the guilds.. except of the events.

    lemme put here an example...
    1) EOE15 has 13,000+ members
    2) Devils playground 1,600+ members
    3) Depths of Xander 520+ members

    and so on with other big guilds.
    the disadvantages are onto this fact and i believe all of the DL players kow this.

    a big guild such as the ones mentioned above and the others ofc.

    1) They cause lots of loading time in going from one place to another if a player has a medium quality network.
    2) out of everyone for eg EOE15 at 11,000+ members out if which 100 are in and out which means people would lag because of the alts the inactive players and everything.
    3) the guilds have nothing worth offering instead of people causing drama (blood lady givings a discount on blood packs) guild leaders acting high and mighty for no reason.

    Instead if we put these recommendations in place that is gonna be placed below people would be more careful of the rules be more friendly more untrollings (even if it cant be removed *the trolls and drama* no one says it cant be reduced) and hey the workload might just decrease. I also agree putting these in might take some time but u can boost the moral of the game as people would be more intrested in staying online more than ever and u might see DL have more and more active peeps..


    1) refresh every guild in game (its a hard task yes but it will be worth it )
    2) Put a level system to the guild like how players level up from 1-51 guilds have there own levels.
    for eg :1-15 and every time the guild levels up there a bonus rewards discounts and the number of people allowed into the guild would increase.
    for eg:
    at guild level 1 : 30 members
    guild lvl 2 : 40 members (new players get a guild xp boost) this will allow people including ingame beggars to beg less

    (at different lvls there will be a extra increase in number of players xp boost gold loot boost etc)

    guild lvl 15 : 200-300 members max no more than that. plus the rewards

    as for how to lvl up the guild its simple. create a map like the one on the left hand side the( moment u enter the subway train station) and players will farm that area to lvl up there guild and get the bonus rewards.

    (why do i keep saying bonus rewards umm why not look at other games coc bns eos discord dragon nest *i think* all of them have guild lvls and bonus rewards it makes the game more comfortable and soothing and doing this more players will be entertained etc believe me everyone will agree to these facts)

    guild exp will be based on what the game creators decide tho. but dont make it easy please a challenge is amazing.

    3) while writing this i took this under considerations that players who own guilds big ones and dont want to change there name be simple all those who upvote or agree or even if cinco agrees which i hope he will they can put there guild name in this topic with there comments about what they think about this thread and if im correct on how it goes cinco would just need to reserve there guild to them which tbh isnt difficult putting practical terms aside it isnt just that the player can comfortably use there guild name without issues.

    4) different titles over ranking the ones below instead of master officer recruiter and member not saying these should be changed but more ranks be imposed and if possible like a guild master can edit the ranks of officers ( or the new ranks) and give them a fancy look why not mate this will alert people that this officer is in charge of this role and so on.

    so thats about all i can think off hopefully i can get alot of positive reviews cause i believe its time DL guilds got big updates if cinco and the leaders of DL could have come so far doing this is a simple yet easy task.

    Thank You...So Much

    I forgot to mention guild donations stash where people would donate to the guild whenever they please like u put in stuff in the stash and only guild leader is assinged to use it
    Only for Guild Level 15
    which makes sense
    also up to the point guild should have tons of exp needed to lvl it up each time

    I posted this in general discussions as well i didnt notice this channel for some strange reason till i read the recent chats in the live chatting box please find it in your heart to forgive me.

    But Just Go on to this Link leading to General Dicussions with peoples Reviews on it. ------>!-Needed!
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