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    Default Harass, Trash talking, Gang and Nasty behavior in PVP

    Hello guys,

    i just wrote today to sts the mail below and i wanna share with you and get ur feedback guys.[/I]

    ''Dear Spacetime Development Team,
    I'm addressing you on the major issue of players' behavior and rules in your game and what you're doing (or not doing) to prevent it.

    The topic: Harass, Trash talking, Gang and Nasty behavior in PVP.

    I'll start from the beginning.
    I played AL game from 2012 and quitted in 2018 because the reasons I will describe farter. After a break of more than a year, I returned to the game in mid-2019 believing that at least something had improved during that time, but I see that things had not changed and nothing was done by your team.

    And the issue is a blatant violation of the rules of the game such as harass, obscenity, ambush/gangs, trash talk and curses on racial and other grounds, which also never ends, when you just can rest on city camps.

    Some players can't accept loses if it's in duel or a clash and after a loss they just harass, trash talk and curse ceaselessly (and sometimes get back reaction and used this to incriminate innocent people like me), non-stop threatens not only by themselves but also their friends and make pvp zone non-accessible to you and your friends because of the unending ambush and gang.

    This is one of the main reasons that lots of good old players (I know some of them personally too) stopped playing AL game and retired.
    You have to find a way to put an end to it and counteract the repetitive behavior of some of the players and specific guilds that is a complete stated way of harass, trash and gang. You should have found a way to monitor and track such people and their chats if it is on camps or PVP area, for example by visiting these places by yourself. In addition, you could find a way to change game mechanics so that ''cheap'' players could not kill suddenly (this is mostly related to rogue that getting ''cheap'' respawn kills especially of mages, most true for new-coming players).

    The result of such behavior - people who can't handle it stop playing and the game dies or whoever returns as a reaction a small part of that entire language you just ban him/her as in my case.

    I will prove my case to you on some of occasions below, with a combination of screenshots and I want to treat and punish those players and get ban them from the game.

    1. Case 1 - A player ign Glitory asked me non-stop for duel and lost 3: 0 (see screenshots) although he is rich and old player with advanced gear and I am relatively ''new'' and without any special gear. This lost so upset him that he began to curse the most rude curses me and my family (screenshots attached) and ask his guild members and friends to do an uninterrupted gangs (for example, one of them ign Xoffix).

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    2. Second combo case – most members of guild called ‘’Purge’’ whose routine behavior is a constant harass, trash, scaring the opo pvp players, ambush/gang them and when they lose even in case of gangs the offensive curses are not late to coming (see the screenshots). The main characters who behave like this:

    -Drug (Screens attached)
    -Strategy / aka Zix

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    Therefore, in the continuation of these players, non stop harass & threatening curses including racist pms began on me and my family, in pvp zone and city camps (see attached ss just as an example of these curses). In such situation i just back as a reaction a small promile of all this trash you simply banned just me and not these who started this. What a clear injustice - thank you much...

    The examples of the players and guilds I detailed include screenshots that are only a small part but demonstrate what an innocent and new player is going through (although in my case new /old) once he decides to play PVP.

    Therefore, following the evidence presented here I ask you guys think again regarding this situation and to find a fair solution, can be as suggested below:

    1. Immediate Ban all the players I listed here above following a blatant violation of the rules of the game (Glitory, Drug, Strategy, Delta, Pumking), if you will not do so these guys will never learn and continue non-stop harass AL pvp-community and kill PVP and thus whole game.

    Btw, most of these Purge members (for exmp: Drug, Strategy, Delta, Nasty, Spell) bought/and sold tons of ignames by golds/or real money but you never tried stop it even it violate your own rules.

    2. Think of an effective way to minimize the phenomena I mentioned of immediate respawn kills (prully, for example by introducing safety/inactive zone in pvp room or immune for 3 sec to player after death, etc.).

    3. Immediately cancel my 7 day ban and let me back asap to game and not punish me, after all that me who suffered from curses, insults and disqualifying behavior of these above players, otherwise you punish the innocent guy and not guilty and the case entrepreneurs ones.

    Name:  7.jpg
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    I hope my not perfect English will not make you to make ‘’wrong and unfair’’ decision.

    Thanks in advance,
    I look forward for your answer,
    ign Topdozor (tank class).

    P.S. At the same time, I will endeavor to post this post on the AL forums and see comments and suggestions from other players on the topic.''

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    Using IGNs like this on forums will get you nowhere but end your post being removed by devs soon. So instead of wasting their time here. Maybe go Send 1email if you really think this is appropriate. But i am sure you would have said something or done something. Everyone here is a human.

    ʏᴏᴜᴛᴜʙᴇ- ᴘʀᴀʙꜱɪᴍᴀʀ ᴄʜʜᴀʙʀᴀ

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    You should have stayed quiet. You are literally the most toxic trash talker we've all seen. I'm surprised they didnt permenantly ban you. You come here and demand sts to ban us?

    You are racist.
    Have sexually harassed people.

    I didn't want to share the screenshots here but I will.

    Btw I wonder who wrote that message for you, because your messages in the game are very different with worse english.

    Sorry spacetime, ik this thread is going to get removed but I'm going to publicly expose this jerk.

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    None of us said anything even near to what u said. You've literally been spamming us none stop with extreme tt, spacetime can check if they need to.

    And to Drug's defense, hes been ignoring your childish *** until you didnt stop and kept trashing him even in his own language about his mother. so he sent one message back.

    here are some more screenshots.

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