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    Quote Originally Posted by Crystalwiz View Post
    Agree the jewel economy is dead, forget selling fin elix for 16k, u can't even get a standard fin crafted. No one is going to buy any jewel lixes. I spent 1 hour with lixes and made 1 standard. This is crazy. Jewel prices will steadily rise and no one can even buy any jewels let alone craft them themselves. What really hurts is that sts doesn't care even tho there are many threads about how much we invested in gold to farm jewels. Luckily I have jewels from my tank cause i'll never be able to craft jewels the way the system is now. You would think that they would care but no such luck. No one was exploiting the system, I didn't see any complaints either about jewel prices so out of the blue u ruin the jewel economy. What's next get rid of gl gear so they don't work and say they exploiting the system?
    They wont care about jewel farmers as long as majority of players are happy about the current jewel farm. I think sts need an excuse so that they can increase the max gold because jewel farm is one of the other reasons why max gold is 99,999,999.

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    They just updated gold to 999m.. its in patch list. Kinda crazy I never had 99m. I spend obsessively lol.. its hard being a Frog Lord.. 370 bubble frogs are alot to maintain.. ign Topfrog

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