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Thread: New Guild <Spark> Official Thread

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    Default New Guild <Spark> Official Thread

    Spark is a Brand new Guild with less than a hundred members, but we are growing day by day. We don't care about PvE Kills or Aps. Spark is starter friendly and a helpful guild.

    How ever there are few rules, that everyone must follow.
    1. Keep the Guild chat in english. You can speak different languages, but not in Guild chat.
    2. No Drama, because no one likes it and it makes the Guild environment toxic.
    3. No Bullying! This one is important. We have a zero tolerance on bullying. Bullying ruins peoples lives, so dont do it.
    4. No begging for items or money.
    5. No blind invites. If you need help, just ask and dont start spamming invites.

    We are also looking for trustworthy officesers (lvl 60+)

    Master: Urpet

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    Good luck with your guild!

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