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Thread: S)Goldloot/Op mage items awakes

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    Default S)Goldloot/Op mage items awakes

    Endless helm (m) 76 1.5%int/1.5%hp/5int, 3.5m
    Endess chest (m) 76 3.5% int/50 armor, 3.5m
    Interred belt 3%int/5int, 2m
    Illuminating belt (w) 58 50gl/6ms/2mana regen, offer
    Rendtail's ring 60gl/2%dex/2.5%crit, offer
    Interred ring 3%int/50 armor, 5m
    Magnate's medallion 40gl/1,5%int/3%armor, offer
    Interred pend 2%int/2%armor/5str, offer
    Mire arti (m) 60gl full awake
    Nox set 24%ms full awakes

    Pmme in game or mssg here
    Ign Astronovelist
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