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Thread: Hey y’all!

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    Default Hey y’all!

    Hey! It’s been a couple years since I’ve played PL. what’s new?

    Anyone wanna fill me in and maybe help me with some gear? I’m starting a new character so if anyone wants to level together, y’know get a fresh start, adventure and quest in the world of PL like newbs again, pm me! Maybe we can get a little group goin.

    My igns are macnsteaz, macnpeaz, macnbeanz, macntrees, and scuits (scuits is the name of my new character, a young ursan warrior!)

    Hope everyone has a great day

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    Hey there!

    I would have to say there has been quite many changes to the game over the years, Glad to have someone returning to the game. I wouldn’t say what I’m about to type is the whole thing but just a general jist of the game currently.

    Not sure how many years it’s been since you’ve left but first things first, level cap has been increased to 110! Was quite a grind to get there if you asked me haha

    Gold cap for characters and stash have been amped up to 999,999,999! Perfect for trading highly valuable items or sets :-)

    Next up, most of the vanities in game are now tradable!! So you can now get vanities you’ve been ogling for over all those years (for a price of course) be sure to ask around for those prices, pretty sure the community in game will be nice enough to give you a decent price

    PL is currently having the 4th of July event as well, will run until 9th July. I would say the event looks quite nice (though grindy hmm). Tokens are earned by killing the event boss that can be found in chests :-) These tokens can then be used to buy vanities that give stats or just make you look better

    Well that’s all I can think of in this short period, hopefully more people will bring you up to speed, or you could always read announcements / forums page. See ya in game!


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