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Thread: Increase Credit Loot

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    Exclamation Increase Credit Loot

    Due to the inflated value of credits today, the credit loot from all maps should be increased.

    When the old credit loot remains, it is almost impossible to work your way towards any sort of wealth and stability. Its almost like this: inflation takes place, but wages stay the same. If school tuition went from $1,000 to $10,000 over time because money lost value, but minimum wage is still $8, that's completely unfair.

    There was a time when 1 million credits was a lot, but it wasn't impossible. You can merch of course, but it was possible to WORK your way towards there by running maps. Today, 1 million can buy almost nothing of worth. Yet, it takes the same amount of effort to get 1 million credits.

    This damages players, but most notably new players. To get through campaigns, especially the later ones like Nysarra, the flagship armor such as the Super Elite armor is pretty much required. Even before that campaign, new players easily realize that the Napalm Carbine is required to be an effective member of the team. Because both of these items are difficult to drop, they might consider purchasing these items. Alas, you don't need to do the math to find out that no amount of saving can give them enough funds to even come close to purchasing them. The prices are inflated, but the credit loot was never increased to accommodate.

    What about merching? Why can't new players just merch their way towards wealth? The same argument can be made.
    When you merch, you have to start with something . But you can't get the ball rolling when the cheapest item that has any stable or potential value is beyond reach.

    The introduction of the Bank.Bot event was not entirely terrible. It did inflate the currency significantly, but it boosted spending among players. The economy started moving again, but this stimulation was short lived.
    There is no economic stability today. Values of items are completely unknown to anyone. This is because values of items are now decided by the seller. There is no market for almost any of the most sought items because a lot of people who owned quantities of them quit, and most of all, because nobody wants to sell them. No one knows what anything costs, therefore they're afraid that if they sell anything for whatever amount they'll end up losing credits.

    The market is currently populated only by the wealthy, and there will never be any growth because new or striving players are struggling to make even the first transaction.
    The credit loot must be increased so that everyone gets an equal chance. The question is, how much should it be increased? This involves some math, which may require an approximate value of an item of stable value before the Bank.Bot event. If you're interested in the next steps forward, please reply so I can elaborate.

    Again, I'm not bashing the introduction of Bank.Bot. I am saying that one extra step should have been made for a stable future of Star Legends.

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    Exactly! Great explanation.
    This is how I see it: There are ~3 players who had many valuable items before the events, these same players now collected most of the credits (~4B), and are not buying anything, not even playing. So, there are less than 1B credits circulating around in the game, with sellers of Dev/Arbiter helms/chests selling stuff at 800m credits. It's absurd. So, as you said, prices are unknown for any item, until we can farm credits with a certainty of some kind (for example if you farm for 24 hours you'll get approximately 2m credits). Right now, a 24 hour farming would get you ~400k credits, with maximum credit loot %. Which is not stable at all. It's like working a 9 to 5 for $50/month, when an ice cream costs $10. We need a credit loot increase for a more stable market and happier gameplay experience.
    No Bank.Bots.

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