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    I think if awaken event comes like ankh event , key , spirit xp, xp and other event who come a day on a week would be much fair for all

    All can try and have chance to have high awaken on his gears

    Now i think maybe if u spends milions To awaken ur gears u will get nothing and i already spent 10mil and got nothing so i stopped and wont do that again! no chance to have high awaken in ur gears any more

    So if u missed awaken event then hard luck you will need to buy item from other players becouse no chace at all to get ( half )of thier awaken

    Or maybe can make elite gems special as it names elite gems can give high awaken as it does on awaken event

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    Please Devs Do Something About this Problem I'm Really Looking forward into This Awakening Gems Are Meant to Be Cheap not 50k each.

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