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    Default Scammers

    Deal all,

    I am not sure if this topic is new or old but i think is important to worn new players about it.

    I have met tow scammers and they have tow deferent style of scammed

    1- they try to trade with ur worthable items with their rare worthless items,, so you will check in auction and find none and they start telling you that thier items worth 40mil or 50mil but in real it worth nothing , they try trade that with your items which worth let say 30mil on when you check in auction you find none and they only try to believe that deal is good for you to scam you.

    2 - the other way That they use is to trade with your worthable items with also rare item they put one or tow in auction with very high price example: it worth 5k to 45k or maybe zero they put same kind of items on auction for lets say 460k or maybe milions and they offer it to you and they want you to check on auction and find that thier items Are Very expensive hopaaaaa then they scam u !

    They try now to buy any rare items that worthless to do that with new players

    so plz try to be sure always with real price or avoid to trade with items that you do not know about

    Do not let them grew up

    Be smart and do not be greedy


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