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Thread: Customize pet

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    Default Customize pet

    Hi guys,
    I'm thinking of opening Mishi's egg and then slot with Electra for happiness bonus and Nekro for AA.
    Is this a good combination or any other better combination of pets with not much difference in price.
    Or if I open Fuzalong,Shenlong or Zhulong instead of mishi,is it better?
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    Heroic Mishi gives more mana regen.

    If you're a Rogue, H Mishi+ Electra + Nekro/Glow/Were is a great pet build.

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    Never invest in a vanity pet in beginning
    Mana regen useless in pve because what you’ll be using is pots 99.99% of the times and it will only regen like 1-2 skill worth of mana back during whole fight .
    So invest in good hb and good aa over base pet
    For base pet ill sugest you samel or normal grimm
    Both are amazing pet as base pet or strawberry cupcake is a op base pet just people ignore it .
    Passive ability are good and these pets are cheap to for the start.
    Now when it comes to hb and aa

    As a rouge what you want is damage and also depends on which map you want to run.
    Lets suppose you are looking for running dm and evg for farming.

    Ill sugest zeppo gives 25% stacking damage which is more useful to yoi while running evg/dm you can do one add and have 50% stacking damage which is alot more from electra can ever give you or you can also go for hibero also good pet better them electra in my opinion at many places .

    Now when it comes to aa ill sugest
    Going for glow/nekro or for damage basis go for
    Fatima/h.fatima/were winger .
    These pet will save time and help you kill bosses fast which is good for whole pt not only for you.

    And also zeppo was just suggestion cause i forgot other pets which gives stacking damage xd
    You can look all pets and pic one of them .
    Electra is useless if you ever use any damage lixes cause it does not stack with them.
    Zeppo will give you 25% ms too which is always hood as rouge .
    And these pets combo will cost you lesser then heroic mishi it self and it is better combo.

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