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Thread: EVG tips for Mage pls

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    Default EVG tips for Mage pls

    Comment guys

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    I was on the solo lb until about 10 minutes ago so hopefully this helps (hope to be back on lb soon).

    When solo :

    I wouldn't recommend wasting your time unless you have BOTH skratch staff and gun + Ebon or Abyssal armor (both is best) + interred set.

    Run with armored zhulong as your happiness bonus and shield + fireball + clock + lightning (tried gale but lightning worked best). AA should be werewiger or something of that sort. Essentially just stack procs as well as possible and use hotbar to swap between sets. Kill spiders first.

    In Party :

    Same thing as except you have the privilege of hiding behind the walls while the tanks clear mobs at waves 10+. Always kill spiders first (their stun is frustrating). Just be aware of redzones and prioritize safety. It's a very straightforward map but the minimum stats to do well are quite high.

    For more in depth tips check out this thread, even though it's meant for rogues, the same things apply and your role as a mage is essentially the same as the rogues.

    Oh, and use energize.
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