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Thread: L 40 PVP Tournament!!!!

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    Default L 40 PVP Tournament!!!!

    So this is just an attempt by me to try and make this game active.
    I have seen a lot of activity at l40 for a while now. To be very clear, Cinco is not going to take part in this (so no shields for winners). Also, I have never hosted any tornaments before so
    it might not go as smoothly as it can.
    Anyway, coming to the point-
    * A 3v3 tournament (mage, bird, and bear).
    * no other toon combination allowed.
    * 40m cash price (WINNER TAKES ALL)
    I will only progress with this if I see a good participation rate. Further details would be informed soon.
    The tournament will most like happen in the last week of August (which gives you ample time to progress).

    Please participate in people. My in-game toon is tobaccokills.
    Also, I will make a discord group for this as soon as I learn how to make one
    please keep checking the forums for further updates.
    I would also require some volunteers to help me manage this.

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    what are the equippments require? is this an Honor pvp set or normal items like voodoo sets or elites and blasters?

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