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    Cool Coming Soon: New Game Client Features - New Video Ads (FREE PLAT) and Revenge

    We've submitted new game clients for both Pocket Legends and Star Legends to Apple for approval. Once they're approved, you'll see an update in the . There are some "behind the scene's" fixes in them to address bugs and whatnot, but we also have a couple new things for players to check out.

    New Video Ads to Earn FREE PLATINUM!
    Who doesn't love Free Platinum? I mean, what could be better? In the coming new mobile client versions of Pocket Legends and Star Legends, you will now have the option to watch video ads and receive free Platinum for doing so. I believe it's in the neighborhood of 1 Plat for watching a 30 second video, but all that will be set per the company purchasing the advertisement.

    Please note that these new ads are for the mobile clients and will not be included in the Chrome client.

    New REVENGE option after you die
    It happens. You get in over your head a bit and bam, you're kissing the floor.

    See, it just happened to me! Grrrr!

    After you've hit the floor, maybe you want to get up and really pwn some faces? Now you will have that option! Tap the REVENGE button and stand up with 15 seconds of invulnerability!

    Darn, I died in Star Legeds too! Check out how my Hover Turkey is still trying to protect me. What a good little guy

    We look forward to hearing your feedback about these coming new features.

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    Need help? Please visit our Support Website at

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