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    Quote Originally Posted by Evildantee View Post
    If rarity is what you ask for concerning helix and firestar then you might have as well said that both should never have been made tradeable in the first place just saying and presently there's nothing rare about helix and firestar cause I mean every player who thinks they're "rich" yourself inclusive owns either one or both items and there's some players who have 2 or even 3x I mean heck there's a player who once claimed to have 6x helix so I don't see anything rare about something that happens to have so much quantity although it's only held by players whom as I said earlier think that they're "rich" .at present 98% of those holding helix and kicking against it returning are not even the 2012 players who originally earned it coupled with the fact that the og's don't have anything against it making a return so I say it should come back .after all there's a lot of items that are actually rare but most of you are just blind to see it .if you want me to mention I'll give you more than enough examples but yes it should come back cause it isn't exactly "rare" as you say it is
    Totally agree lol. Instead of it held by new players now which makes absolute no sense. If it was to be rare then should of never been tradeable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cinco View Post
    A cornerstone of virtual items’ secondary market is the fact that none of the items are perishable. If instead of Helix you had a thousand pounds of beef, you’d need to freeze it to maintain its value and then sell it before it spoiled. If the Helix never returns you don’t need to sell it, you can just assume that you have the equivalent of its gold value so long as its in your stash. On the other hand, if Helix does return and you’re holding it thinking that it’s worth billions you “lose gold” because the market doesn’t support your asking price. Here is the kicker tho: in every case where the item is not selling it doesn’t have any actual value (unless you’re selling for real money on the black market - but that’s a whole other can of worms that we are not discussing here).

    You should assume that items will return. You’re here on the forums so you are aware that a growing majority of players are asking for the return of Helix in particular. I’ve resisted this because I still see a difference between event items and level cap items, but it is probably just a matter of time before everything old comes back and there are only new items in collectors stashes.

    When collectors sit on items for years at a stretch it doesn’t help the economy, it makes new players and less monied older players feel desperately inadequate and it leads to widespread community initiatives to “bring back” items of value that only a few active players still possess. My advice is to sell stuff when you have a buyer that offers a reasonable price.
    Yes @Cinco Sir, I have agreed with your viewpoint. I have in general , no idea about how many "Kriegberg Helix of Invasion" (Legendary weapon - Level 26) are still present on the game.
    Now, if it's an old level cap reward, we cannot request it to be back for sure as per your perspective and we agree 💯.
    "Prices are something which people are paying in actual terms." And it defines it's value.
    I am a bit addicted to this game and definitely the bringing back of old items has helped newbies to collect stuffs which only the old collectors used to have before. So, thank you on their behalf.
    Now coming to the point of this Helix weapon. So, basically it's a trash to me honestly speaking as we are Level 51 and buying a very low level weapon is not helpful to me ( neither in Farming Gold/ Kills nor for PvP purposes ).

    If it's for showing off and self ego, it should have been made Non-tradeable from the very beginning when it was distributed among players to make it a signature of being an "Old Player" but, unfortunately, It was tradeable and that's where the problem begun.

    Now, it has come such a long way after so many years of events and higher level caps, that it's not logical to say to bring it back for the sake of collection only because of it's rarity and it's value.

    It's not a useful item like any vanity which give titles or achievement.
    It's not an equipment which gives title like the "Lord of Storms" Set.
    And if we want a cool looking electrical weapon other than Centipede, Khanda, Trisula and Helix, we can send our designs and ask for them on forum.
    Let's not ask for Helix and have some more cool equipment of our high level and better looking than that because the designs of our Developers have never disappointed us before.

    And if you want to see same shape as Helix weapons, farm in Old Town Cemetry or Fresnel Cemetry, you will drop lots of weapons in that shape and size & ofcourse without Electricity or else what will make the difference of billion sum of gold. Personally, I like those big Axes shaped ones lol but not gonna pay a sum of billion for a trash item now.
    Rather, we can wait for better good looking equipments than spending huge amount on this and also, as Sir @Cinco mentioned --- "but it is probably just a matter of time before everything old comes back and there are only new items in collectors stashes."
    So, I can assume that on some day of some year, that trash item can be back too as a better version for equal distribution in the community after how many years we don't know but "maybe" as a non-tradeable one. (God knows ? Lol)
    Signing off, thanks for this beautiful Valentine's event, I enjoyed a lot. See you all soon ❤️
    ❤️ MR. SAI ❤️

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