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Thread: Perfect Bot solutionCinco you are amazing that other guy doesn’t speak for all

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    Default Perfect Bot solutionCinco you are amazing that other guy doesn’t speak for all

    Okay so I can see how some people are upset with the gold farming event being change since after spending our life saving on enchant amulet , rings, 110 set, arcane boat, platinum shield, sapphire set/minus shield or helm if u buy one of the expensive Xmas sweater ( 25 bonus gold) and a greedy Barkley just to make a ton of $$$ gold.

    I do want to say thanks to the dev team for trying to figure out ways to counter bots which is very hard to do and keep it fun for other players.

    I highly recommend leaving it how it was (because it’s a great event especially if u max out all the gold bonus) and instead maybe focus on Countering bots during the main event. Even if you had keys that Randomly appear ( at random location in the map after all monsters are dead. Players have x amount of time to find these keys to get there points for that run. This would make it definitely more difficult for bots and people playing multiple accounts. Down side to this is sometime players want get points cause they couldn’t find the key or what item they need to get there points. We could play with ideas like that and make it work but keep in mind the max speed for different level . and maybe base the time some were In between

    Actually maybe not use keys create a exit portal and everyone gotta find there own before it explode or collapse. and can add bonus points for those that make it to help out with the inconvenience for countering cheaters. Just need a lot of porters spreading across the whole map and also have a a few fake ones. Down side of this is some player might miss there portal. But the old gold farming event is worth the risk

    Cinco that other guy doesn’t speak for us all you are amazing!!! maybe reconsider changing it back cause I got stuff to buy and not enough $$$ gold lol

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    @cinco this is right that other guy doesn't speak for us all, when I see you in the game and I say "I love you" I really mean it, cause this game has much meaning to my life, I am sad, and dissapointed, cause I was expecting this so much, I'm a returned player so I never
    had the chance to have a gold event before, I still think you should reconsider reversing it, but I do want to thank you cause you the most are the one who listens and try to please us so we can have fun, were gonna still loving you. But yeah, right know I understand a lot of people, and im really sad that like in real life no matter how much effort you do bad people and ungrateful always ruin it for you.

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    Imagine getting triggered by a child...

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