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Thread: Higher level Rings and stats bonuses for Pets request!

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    Post Higher level Rings and stats bonuses for Pets request!

    It has been like that ever since Pl started, and there has never been any update to rings! It remains a measly lv 20, 67 req for "fine" rings.i personally love rings a lot and would like to purchase more, but there need to be newer ones for me to buy. Would the dev pls consider having lv 50 rings and maybe 70 with the new update next month?
    Even vanity mirrors have been given facelift with addition of stats bonus for some looks. Pls dont abondon rings

    As for vanity pets, why not give us some lil bonus by having them around? Such as Rage with +5 dmg, fleece with +2 armor, bats with +1 dodge.... And the likes. Even hooch hat and other head vanity gives us +1 armor, no? And these pets cost a lot more plats!

    And more new looks for everyone on magic mirror pls, i need a new hairstyle! Lol.
    Cant waitfor new update

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    Turkey +100 damage, +50 dodge, +60 armor would be cool ^^
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    with attack being as high as it is now, i would love to see level 30, 40, and maybe L50 rings as well.

    People in endgame pvp die so quickly without any def >.<

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