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    I told everybody how I ran last time and nothing changed. If someones better then you just by you showing how you used to run than somethings not right. Either your tactic is so bad that even someone who had no clue before can improve it or your gear is just worse than everyone else.
    However, this event is over. Next one will be completely different with new gear, maybe even cap level or map.
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    Why y’all so mad. If you dont want to watch the vid then just skip the whole thread its not that hard

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    Gee whiz, you guys. This isn't the first event like this and I suspect it won't be the last. I would personally be grateful someone in the community was sharing something that would help me the next time around, eh? All this hostility is uncalled for. I'm closing this thread. Please think carefully about attacking people who take the time to share helpful hints. It's just going to prevent you from getting them in the future and we don't want that.
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