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Thread: Halloween Vanity Set Idea

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    Default Halloween Vanity Set Idea

    Now I know it may not make a lot of sense, but there really isn't a random time you can drop this set idea that isn't a Halloween event.

    "The Contractor's Set"
    Contractor's Traffic Cone Vanity Helm (A Hardhat for the LB reward)
    The Contractor's Hammer (Self explanatory, it looks like a normal Hammer)(I wouldn't;t be mad with a screwdriver vanity)
    The Contractor's Jackhammer (**LB Reward Weapon!!**)
    Contractor's Vis Vest (Green) (A orange one for the LB reward) (Like a high vision workers vest)
    The Contractor's Pause Shield (Meant to be a Stop Sign shield, but you could mess with the wording so it says Boo! or Shhh! or something besides Stop

    Let me know what you guys think. I know people are pushing for original ideas and I think this is a good one. I'm heavily on the side that rereleasing old items as vanities or recoloring existing items is a waste of time and kills the fun. This is my idea to fix it!

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    I'm down for anything that is a brand new design to be implemented in game...

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