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    Default Return of PL PVP

    I understand that this topic has been talked about many times but I'm going to keep asking. Please take away enchantments In pvp and return PL to its former pvp glory. I personally know many players that have quit because 56-76 pvp is no longer a community due to enchantments. By taking these away I only see alot of players coming back to PL and they may even participate in these events and bring profit to sts. Please with all the updates you are doing include something pvp related especially in the lower levels. Maybe include a pvp mode with no enchantments? I really wanna come back to PL but I lost interest ever since my favorite pvp levels were destroyed.

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    We can only hope for this to happen bro. It was a bit unethical on Cinco's part to ruin the experience of many players. I understand that revenue is important but there were surely better ways to go about it. He doesn't understand that it has made it harder for new players to make gold because 56-76 items arent worth anything. He doesnt understand that even players who have payed for enchants have wasted their money already because the lvls no longer exist. People who spent real life money on enchants have been cheated because they cant use their enchants if there's nobody to fight anymore. Ironic how people with enchants have also lost out.

    Cinco u do realise that new players cant make gold because of those features u implemented? I remember when I played PL when i started off. The only way I made my way up was farming pvp items because they were in demand and actually worth something. Super easy to sell. New player friendly. Even the people with enchants want enchants remove. Its better to have wasted ur money on enchnats and actually be able to play against other twinks then having wasted ur money anyways because u have gear u cant even use due to nobody around to fight.

    Yes cinco u say u dont want to remove things that people payed for. Well guess what? it was removed when 56-76 pvp died out because of the very same feature u thought was a good idea. Indirectly, you already removed the thing that people payed for. Some people payed actual money to craft sets like goddess and crusher set. You removed those things because people can't even play with them anymore in pvp which was the sole reason why people spent money on crafting them not for aesthetic reasons lol. When you said u dont want to remove things, that was a poor counterargument because you have done these things already and you didnt care.

    I'll continue supporting threads like these because they bring forward important issues. I dont care how many times I have to do it.

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    Enchantments arenít going away. Sorry you hate them.

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