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Thread: Who else Like Zombie Apocalypse Movies?

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    Default Who else Like Zombie Apocalypse Movies?

    If Ur Like me Please Drop Ur Top 3 Favorite so I Can Check Them Out if I Haven't
    My top 3 favorite Zombie Movies are
    1. I'm Hero
    2. Alive
    3. Resident Evil 1-6

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    Oh boy.

    Top in no particular order:

    * Dawn of the Dead (2004)
    * 28 Weeks Later
    * One Cut of the Dead (not really a traditional zombie flick but was a great watch still)
    * Train to Busan
    * World War Z
    * Zombieland: Double Tap

    Not a film but good otherwise
    * Black Summer (series)
    * I am a Hero (manga)
    * Infection (manga)
    * Kingdom (series)

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