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Thread: Different style Weapons for future events/xmas/halloween/any

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    Default Different style Weapons for future events/xmas/halloween/any

    I would suggest some styles of weapons which were in game but not worth like they were only as in legendary category such as Scrissors weapon was brought to game when we had 51 lvl cap newly its a totally cool weapon would be cool to get it as with good stats, effects, as elder. Same for another Shield weapon maybe this time we can have Square shield design instead circle, or maybe two same shields or like we have blooded machete its like one handed weapon but on other hand nothing something like that would be cool too, and or another weapon which is Elegant death it can also be enhance and would look cool with unique effects, stats, as we could use this time it as relic weapon bec no one uses it anymore since years so would be amazing to get it new updated

    1] Elegant Death
    2] Scrissors weapon
    3] Square design for shield

    These are some of legendary weapons which I liked too and are actually nice and different designs and are fun definitely would be cool to get them in upcoming events or lvl cap

    Apart from this many weapon like:
    1] guitar maybe it could have visual effects like (which is relic weapon) would be cool to get it updated lvl

    (ofc new items are always welcomed on the other side)

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