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    Quote Originally Posted by holdmytalons View Post
    I just wanna see em actually fix their games y would i pay a subscription when they cant even fix their game just throw out events instead of taking the time to actually do the work
    It's highly unlikely Cinco would make the new game subscription based since practically no mobile games are. His best bet is a half-season pass sort of system like he suggested.
    And if the new game addresses all the flaws of PL, I'm not going to complain. The new game is essentially a fix because it should be great fun unlike PL atm.

    The only problem is we have to start over with zero progress and leave our stuff in PL behind. But I've already essentially done that by moving to other games. If the new game is a big hit, it shouldn't be a problem. Would rather have fun in a new game then stand in that dumb ship town all day and count my meaningless gold(cos we all know how active pvp is right?). Really is turning into a game where the only thing you can do is merch. And it's so freaking boring! (my opinion).
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    Welp Level 30 halloween bling isn't coming back again so there goes any plan for a level 30 tourney.

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    Default Enchants

    I also wanna have actually clan battles in the new games and a useful for guild hall. And when guild hall get updated it fortifies your castle and there is siege vehicles and catapults

    And guilds can Challenge other guilds and set there own rules like time limit
    And a ton of equip slots for items and there all visible so like if we have a cool chain belt people can see it and the ear rings and tattoos and stuff.
    And we can also hide all slots that we donít want to have visible .
    So a lot of char customization
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