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Thread: Reward for opening crates/box

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    Default Reward for opening crates/box

    Now that we have crate keys in game what do you guys think about having a reward for opening x amount of crate/box with keys and plats.

    So I think we should interduce some kinda mile marker. It should work like this. Mile marker only is activated during time of event

    So there like 5 market points and eeach markers give a reward. One catch, the reward can never have stats better then items in games.These items look really cool

    Ok also the key mile marker from opening crate is not the same reward as stright plats spender. These items can be tradable or not doesnít matter to me.

    The max amount of mile marker can never cost more in plats then the 89 buck plat deals so thatís like 2k plats. Crate keys work same way. Since each key equal 1 plat that means no more then like 2k keys

    This is so that we can keep some items really rare in crate and for those that put the gold buying keys or cash from plats will get some unique regardless once hitting the mile stone. Instead of having to increase the drop rate of the super rates that we all would love to have.

    As said before these are really cool looking items and should fix correctly on all class and the way they carry there weapons should look cool to

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