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Thread: Next cap

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    Default Next cap

    So whens next cap kuz idk a single person enjoying mythic sets in pvp they need more armor health and mana

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    I highly doubt a new cap is coming since Cinco seems to be giving PL2 a lot of attention. If a new cap was coming, it would be here by now.
    Also I believe it is time for PL to fade away. It's been going on too long. The first few years were great, the rest was just horrendous. The game's been boring since 2017 and no amount of new caps will change that.
    When 105 and 110 cap came, did anything change? No, the fundamental issues of the game persisted e.g. new players finding it hard to lvl and make gold, 51-76 pvp still dead.

    Even if a new cap came, we would just have new sets with dumb designs like myth. If it was like the sewers cap, this wouldn't be an issue.

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    Yes we need a new cap even if it's 1 level increment 1 1 1, but unlike previous cap, little bit ease on pay wall.
    It can be just to complete arcane set with some fixes of current issues and a new dungeon / boss is enough.

    But ya totally doubtful as some of the most discussed issues are never fixed. Some of the possible upcoming things are halted.

    Events are the only thing cinco is interested and for the rest of PL #CincoIsSleeping

    Wait a sec 111 the number is considered bad? not at all, it's super holy.
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