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Thread: A thanks to all those players who joined a run with LonelyKDOp....

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    Default A thanks to all those players who joined a run with LonelyKDOp....

    I just wanted to show appreciation and express thanks to many many players.

    There have been so many players that joined me in a game where I chatted "Solo Plz:-)" and they politely left.

    I know that it would have been more appropriate for me to build a password protected game and that I didn't. And that many players had no problems with me asking them to leave. I think the AMAZING number of players who had no problems at all shows that Star Legends is full of great people and respect for others.

    It's to those players, that I just wanna say "Thank you". You continue to make me addicted to SL!!

    I'm coming Topboy!!! Dark is right behind me:-)

    <3 Phoenix <3

    Even a crummy Paladin is a good one if he mashes the heal button a lot!!
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    Woot! Goo PL! :]

    <3 Phoenix <3

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