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Thread: Pocket Legends: Neo Mages Episode 4: Camp D.A Chapter 3: Into the Kingdom

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    Default Pocket Legends: Neo Mages Episode 4: Camp D.A Chapter 3: Into the Kingdom

    Pocket Legends: Neo Mages
    Episode 4: Camp D.A
    Chapter 3: Into the Kingdom

    While I was slowly gaining my consciousness, there was a muffled commotion coming from the veteran soldiers. While lying prone on the floor, I kept thinking about Cinnamon and my friends. If I just lie there until the Crimsons arrive, they’ll definitely worry that I never made it back from the camps. It’ll also damage them deeply, that their best friend will never see them again. This isn’t the time to lie down when Dragunov is about to start another war in Alterra.
    Mikhailov: “Angela, are you okay?!”
    He grasped both of my shoulders while shaking me shortly. He looked at me with hope and fret that I wasn’t going to lose my life. I noticed the cuts from my face after I started wiping the dust off. There were small smears of blood from my gloves.
    Angela: “...Not okay when that plane started shooting. I’m alive, though…” *coughs*
    Mikhailov: “The rockets have killed few of our comrades, and now there are very few of us left! We must leave this place at once!”
    There was a large hole in the wall that had been demolished by those rockets. Huge chunks of concrete and pieces of glass scattered across the floor. There were veteran soldiers lying down, while a few were trying to get up. Mikhailov and Andropov were then standing behind the door, while figuring out the situation.
    Mikhailov: “Tovarishchi, vstavay! *looks at Andropov* Tovarishch, skol'ko iz nas zhivy?”
    As soon the majority of the veterans started to get up, Andropov quietly counted while raising his finger at each veteran. After a couple of seconds, he looked at his commander.
    Andropov: “Dvadtsat' pyat', komandir. Ya schitayu chto pyat' ne perezhili vzryv.”
    Mikhailov: *nods* “Vse ukhodyat, tovarishchi!”
    They nodded and headed towards the exit, leaving quickly. Some of them had to get up.
    Mikhailov: “Angela, I will see you outside! Be quick!”
    Yakov: “Razve net transporta?...”
    David: “Za predelami stantsii snabzheniya yest' gruzoviki i loshadi. Yesli my smozhem popast' na nikh, my uydem v kratchayshiye sroki!”
    I quickly stood up while following David and the others to exit the building. From his injuries, Yakov was limping while being supported by another veteran behind us. Passing a column of trucks outside, we ran quickly towards the supply station to grab any weapons. The veterans who didn’t use the rifles during the fight got their own. Andropov and a few veterans grabbed the submachine guns, even though they never had full experience using them. There were still a few weapons left, but we got enough of what we needed.
    Mikhailov: “Tovarishchi, sadites' na gruzoviki! V kazhdom gruzovike dolzhno byt' pyat' tovarishchey!”
    His command ordered the veterans climb on the back of the trucks. Three veterans sat in the back, while two entered the driver’s seat. Once everyone was on, their engines started to grumble.
    Mikhailov: “Angela, come with me!”
    Angela: “Yeah!”
    He dashed across the gates until he reached the small station. When I got closer, he stared at the lever with determination and confidence.
    Mikhailov: “Angela, you will do it. If I do not make it alive, then you and the Hero of Rushia will lead my comrades.”
    Angela: *pulls lever* “You’re telling me this now?”
    He then started sprinting back to the trucks where his companions were waiting. The gates started to creak while they opened.
    Mikhailov: “Soldiers, officers, commanders. They may be replaced and never be the way it was. The spirit, however, can never be changed as long as you live!”
    He got onto the truck that Andropov was sitting in. After I climbed in, the gate was fully opened. David and Yakov were sitting in another truck that was next to us. I hope that both and the other veterans would make it out, so they would probably tell their stories in the future. A path of light provided us to escape from this desolation.
    Mikhailov: “POSHLI!”
    Our truck was the first one to move out. The rest of them started to follow us as we looked at the column behind. The three of us looked proud of what we have done so far, but we knew the escape wasn’t over yet. Although the Crimsons didn’t arrive immediately to stop us, the attacker was still our biggest concern.
    Mikhailov: “The big plane will spot us at any moment…”
    Angela: “Shouldn’t the column separate once we drive out of the road?”
    Mikhailov: *nods* “There is an open field that leads to a deep forest for us to escape. If we seperate into small groups of three for example, the enemy soldiers will have a hard time capturing us.”
    Angela: “I would say the worst case scenario would be that those planes attacking us from above and the Crimsons arriving to stop our escape.”
    Mikhailov: “You and Andropov will make it out alive. I am sure of it.”
    Me and Andropov only? Is Mikhailov going to sacrifice himself?
    Andropov: “My pochti na meste!”
    We were no longer on the forest road. The golden sun was about to sink into the gigantic field. Up ahead, a silver colored forest appeared. I could hear my heart pounding while my confidence increased.
    Mikhailov: “Hang on to something!”
    The truck started to drive off the road, heading down into a small slope. I felt like I was about to fall off during the moment, but I knew it was going to happen. Mikhailov planned this to avoid contact with the Crimsons. Our truck finally drove into the field with the others behind us driving off the road. The driver then started to turn slightly right, while the road at the left gradually became smaller.
    Mikhailov: “Yes! The farther the distance, the harder it is for the enemy to catch us.”
    I looked at the following trucks behind, which all of them were on the empty field. They were starting to seperate from us, too. I then looked at Andropov. He was looking down at his rifle, probably thinking of what will happen if we arrive at UA territory. He then looked at me, and smiled.
    Andropov: “Ty luchshiy.”
    I didn’t know what he said, but he sure meant with gratitude. I smiled back and looked at the falling sun. If we make it through the forest, we would probably arrive at the border at midnight. With my sharp ears, I started to hear a faint sound of a propellor getting louder.
    Angela: “Oh, no.”
    Mikhailov: “SHTURMOVIK!”
    Andropov clenched his rifle and aimed at the plane from the left that attempted to attack us earlier. The more the plane came closer, the higher my anxiety increased. It was like a winged monster diving down at us with a dreadful roar. BANG! Andropov’s first round surely didn’t hit the pilot, since it kept flying. Just when Andropov started to fire again, Mikhailov urged him to stop.
    Mikhailov: “Yeshche net, tovarishch! Vy dolzhny podozhdat', poka on priblizitsya, i sekonomit' boyepripasy!”
    Andropov grunted as he lowered his rifle. He then created a low profile to lower the chances of being shot. Mikhailov then barked at the driver, which made the truck accelerate somewhat faster. We were still far away from the forest, and the least we can do is defend ourselves from the Crimsons. The attacker plane was getting closer, and it could fire at any moment within the range.
    Angela: “HERE IT COMES!”
    The plane grew larger as it arrived to sabotage our attempt to escape from the prison state of Crpyta. It started to rain down high-caliber bullets from the wings, tearing the farthest truck to shreds. In despair, Andropov only watched the plane pass by the row since he had to listen to his commander. The plane then flew into the sunset, but we kept watching as it returned to keep attacking us. The plane got closer to us this time, firing at the truck that was behind the guys I knew back in the camp.
    Angela: “DAVID! YAKOV!”
    As soon the plane got to a closer range, Andropov and Mikhailov tried to shoot it down. However, the plane was so fast that it barely looked damaged. I looked back on the truck David and Yakov were riding on. It seemed that they survived the second wave, because the truck kept moving. A short term of relief arrived to me at the moment.
    Angela: “Thank Alterra…”
    Andropov: *groans* “Ty navernoye shutish’!”
    Angela: “Huh?”
    I looked at the direction which the plane was flying away, and there it was. Far away, there were a row of armored cars that were driving on the path. I could tell that they were aiming right at us, because they started to change their positions.
    Mikhailov: “Bronirovanny avtomobil’! *looks at driver* Bystreye, voditel’! Bystreye!”
    With a row of armored cars and an attacker sabotaging our escape, the road to the kingdom became more bumpier. My head turned towards the silver forest; it would take a few minutes to reach our destination. A serving of cannons firing then popped into my ears.
    Mikhailov: “UKRYT’SYA!”
    A first wave of shells exploded near to us, including the survivors that were behind. I noticed a small amount of blood in my left cheek when I wiped it off, so I quickly crouched down below. When I looked at the other survivors, David and Yakov were still alive. However, two of the trucks from the farthest were already blown into fiery scraps.
    Angela: *murmurs* “High-explosive?...”
    Andropov: “Teper’ u nikh yest’ pushki’?!”
    Mikhailov: “Proshlo sovsem nemnogo vremeni, kogda oni yego obnovili!”
    Angela: “Mikhailov, what do we do?!”
    Mikhailov: “The armored cars will not stop firing until all of us have been exterminated! In about a second wave or more, we have to get off. Any moment the shell will pierce through our truck!”
    BOOM! BASH! BRACK! From behind, a couple of trucks exploded after being hit from the cannons of the armored cars. As an Elf who has never fought in a war, the feeling of losing soldiers must’ve been a huge struggle for Mikhailov and Andropov. The forest gradually became larger when I looked front. While my anxiety became heavier, the sound of the propeller started to get loud.
    Angela: “IT’S BACK!”
    The attacker returned from the sky and this time, it was heading right toward us. Providing little protection the truck could offer us, I quickly ducked down. A hand quickly grasped my hood, pulling me towards an enraged face of an Ursan commander.
    Mikhailov: “JUMP!!!”
    Without a hesitation, Mikhailov, and I both together took flight from the vehicle and landed on the hard ground. I shortly tumbled over, but remained in a prone position. I saw Andropov hanging on the right side of the truck, near to the passenger’s seat, which I didn’t know why he was still riding on. Bullets from the attacker began penetrating the hull of the truck, making him fall over when one of the tires at the rear bursted by a huge caliber bullet.
    Angela: “Is he dead?!”
    Boom! Boom! Boom! …BRACK! BASH! BAHM! I covered my ears while clumps of dirt rained down my black robes. If I got up to reach him earlier, I would have most likely been blown away from the armored cars. Andropov started to crawl towards the truck that stopped as the plane flew towards the sunset.
    Milhailov: “Had the hero of Rushia not gotten off the truck quickly, he would have been finished. Do not blow your cover!”
    The truck where David and Yakov were riding on passed through us as they headed towards the forest. Once they enter deep into the forest, they’ll leave before us. Crawling the area with little grass that had a bitter smell, my stamina remained strong while my heart kept beating. Looking forward, Mikhailov was a bit quicker than me. It reminded me of the story he told me in the camps when he and Andropov first met when the Dark Alterrans invaded Forest Haven.
    Mikhailov: “Any moment the armored cars will advance towards our path to get closer! After their barrage, we will dash towards the forest! A mage of the revolution like you must survive!”
    As soon I heard the firings of the armored cars, I covered my head quickly to avoid being blown up. Fear and anxiety was mainly the reason I reacted quickly. As the shells flew through the sky, death came closer. My teeth chattered like a firing machine gun, my entire body shivered like a pebble in an earthquake, and my sanity was about to perform the Blacksmoke Mountain Eruption that occurred hundreds of years ago.
    Angela: “OOUUHHHH!!!”
    BOOMF! BRACK! BAHNG! BVROOM! After a few seconds of an ear-splitting screech had died down, I looked at Mikhailov as dark clumps of dirt and unknown particles rained again. He quickly got up to his feet, and started to sprint.
    Mikhailov: “GOOOOO!!!”
    This was a crucial moment for our survival. I didn’t have time to think about how I survived the fourth wave of shells. As I kept running, the memories sparked of playfully chasing Cinnamon in the streets of Balefort before Silknight’s invasion. My face felt broken when the memories of my parents bloomed. We were getting close to the truck, with Andropov staying with two surviving veterans that were injured. Another truck drove past us.
    Andropov: “Vy slyshali komandira!” *takes off*
    UUSR Prisoner #1: “Tak mnogo iz nas umerlo…”
    UUSR Prisoner #2: “Poydem, poka etot samolet ne vernulsya!”
    Our squad quickly ran towards the forest, which provided safety from the Crimsons. As soon as we were several yards away from the truck, the armored cars fired once again. One of the shells flew towards our abandoned truck, bursting into flames and pieces of burning scrap. As I kept running, I looked at the scenery behind. A row of burning trucks have been devastated by high-explosive shells and aircraft ammunition. My face then returned to the silver forest. A couple of yards more, and we will arrive at the final checkpoint. My body was much warmer than before. Sweat kept rolling down everywhere like seconds ticking away.
    Mikhailov: “Victory will be ours, Angela!” *laughs*
    Angela: *worryingly laughs* “If only we had speed elixirs!”
    An aura of uncertainty surrounded me as I ran. Not a single truck drove past us after the previous shelling, which meant that the armored cars were about to aim at the forest. I hear the two prisoners behind me discussing.
    UUSR Prisoner #1: “Eti pushki vystrelyat v lyuboy moment!”
    UUSR Prisoner #2: “K schast'yu, snayperov net!”
    UUSR Prisoner #1: “Kak my voobshche budem peresekat' granitsu?!”
    UUSR Prisoner #2: “Poskol'ku Geroy Rushiya khorosho izvesten, ya dumayu, oni skoreye vsego nas propustyat!”
    Escaping from the UUSR was a task that a very few of us would survive. We were still in Crypta, which meant that we had to cross two borders. Between the borders of United Alterra and the UUSR, heavily armed units are stationed there. Blacksmoke Mountain is UA territory, but it would be very dangerous to cross when we planned our route to escape in Camp D.A. Either way, our will to survive remained strong.
    Mikhailov: “Proydite cherez les!”
    Boom! Boom! Boom!
    Mikhailov: “SPUSKAT’SYA!!!”
    BOOMSH! BAM! BASH-Skreeeee!
    UUSR Prisoners: “...!!! ….!!!
    Mikhailov: “….!..!!!”
    Andropov: “.....!! ….!!”
    The world kept screaming and shaking as if it was about to collapse into the Underworld. The only sounds I could hear are distorted voices from Mikhailov and his soldiers. The commander started to stand and carried me up like a toddler. Despite my hearing becoming less muffled, my sight was still blurry as I looked up at the soaring figure. It looked like a winged beast that was about to take me away.
    Angela: “MIKHAILOV, THE-!”
    Kratatatatatat! Mikhailov quickly laid down while holding my body tightly. I was brought down, forcing myself to face the orange sky as the plane flew in the other direction. I then stared at the commander, puzzled. He was being silent while not moving an inch.
    Angela: “M-Mikhailov, this isn’t the time to-!”
    Andropov: “KOMANDIRRRR!!!!”
    An enraged Alterran Legend quickly dashed to us, bringing up the commander to his feet. As quickly as he could, Andropov immediately moved with Mikhailov as they headed to the forest to find some cover. I’ve never seen him react so quickly. While Andropov was carrying Mikhailov, there were a few words from his breath that I wasn’t able to hear well.
    Both of them disappeared into the forest. Armored cars were about to get near, and I quickly got up to my feet while following the veterans. I ran deeper to the forest below, while passing huge stones and bushes. Along the tracks, there was a small trail of blood. This was not a good sign.
    Mikhailov: “Obkhodit'sya bez… Rushiya dolzhna zhit'…”
    Andropov: “NYET, NYET, NYET, NYET…”
    Mikhailov and Andropov’s voices became noticeable, but remained unclear. With several trees being knocked over, I stopped to meet two trucks that faced different directions. No one was there. Where the hell are they?
    My body immediately froze as soon I heard his words. Did he order Andropov to kill me? No, Mikhailov would never do that. The Ursan commander who once fought in a war against Silknight never had a single trace of hatred against me and my family. Silence then occurred. I slowly passed to the rear of the truck, and there they were. At that moment, my mind went completely blank.
    Angela: “...Mikhailov?... Andropov?…”
    Andropov was crouching down in despair, holding a bloody parchment with his left hand that must’ve been given from Mikhailov. The commander’s head was already tilted downwards while leaning against the truck. He was not even breathing at all, as the trail of blood ended here.
    Angela: “It can’t…”
    Andropov: “AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!”
    He started to pound the dirt with his bare fists, while wailing in rage. While kneeling, he then pulled the bare grass from the earth with force. It was all he could do in front of his fallen commander. I stared below, thinking that I will end up like Mikhailov. There was nothing for me to do, but to give Andropov space.
    Angela: “Guys…”
    Realizing there was another truck, I headed over there to check for survivors. A young Ursan was already kneeling down with his head viewing at the ground, with a few others on the truck. Why are they still here? They should be gone by now!
    Angela: “Hey, what are you…”
    When I peered above, my stomach started to twist. I quickly turned back, pulled out my mask, and vomit began to splatter on the ground. Of that horrific sight, the nauseous feeling almost made me lose my consciousness. My sore throat and the exhaustion was an additional weight to fear. It was as if it was a part of a massacre.
    Angela: *coughs* “W-What is going on?...” *anxiously panting*
    A faint sound of automobiles had occurred. Without looking at the truck, I immediately notified the speechless Ursan.
    Angela: “Come on, the Crimsons are coming!”
    The Ursan did not pay attention to me. It was then that he had chosen his own fate. I left him alone and headed to Andropov. He slowly got up to his feet, and started to salute in front of Mikhailov while tears rolled down from his eyes. For the first time, I have seen him act less of a stereotypical warrior.
    I suddenly remembered what Mikhailov told me back at the camp. If there’s only one surviving soldier remaining in the army, then the army would still exist. Thus, Andropov would have to lead his own army if the spirit of his companions were not broken. I saluted too as an honor for his commander fighting bravely in the civil war. Andropov stopped saluting after a couple of seconds.
    Andropov: “Davay…”
    He looked at me with despair before taking off into the woods. I then looked at the other Ursan once again. He either didn’t hear Andropov, or he did not serve in the army at all. I finally looked at Mikhailov, who then rested in peace.
    Angela: “Of out of the other soldiers, did it have to be you?...”
    I dashed off to follow Andropov. In a couple of minutes, the Crimsons would be arriving by now.

    Interrogation Center, Balefort Sewers
    Interrogator: “This was the last time you saw Mikhailov?”
    Angela: “Yeah, Anderson wanted to avenge his commander…”
    Interrogator: “Before the riot, your mind was sabotaged in order to assassinate the Elf Queen. The effect, however, did not start immediately. Rumors spread that Dragunov was behind this. Who actually did this to you?”
    Angela: “...”
    Interrogator: *sighs* “We’ll just have to keep going…”
    The interrogator left the room as soon the door was slammed.

    To Be Continued...
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