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Thread: Upgrades for AL to please all

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    Default Upgrades for AL to please all

    Hello all, I have a few ideas for game improvement that some people may have thought about, there is plenty of room for discussion here so please if you have any ideas to add please do so, I am sure STS will add them, in some way, shape, or form.

    Here are some of my ideas, I will add more occasionally.

    1. Preview on avatar in auction.
    Relocate the preview so we are able to click the arrows that let us navigate through the items.

    2. Loot
    Enable loot/gold to be shown on the mini-map, or, as someone else has mentioned, let us select a ‘stance’ (passive/aggressive) for our companions so they take priority for loot/mobs respectively.

    3. Diverse camera angles.
    Add the option in settings to enable or disable this new camera offsetting thing.

    4. Party interface.
    Move text ‘party leader’ to the top add a colon and follow with the symbol to act like a legend you have on map or graph, additionally this makes room for message button, etc...

    5. Crafting interface.
    X button for skipping crafts should be moved, or add a skip all button, so we do not hit the X that exits crafting station.

    6. Play button.
    Play button should work just like the ‘Continue’ button in PL.

    7. Friends list.
    We should be able to invite people to a game, without being in a party...why not?

    8. Sell all.
    Make sell all interface smaller, perhaps 2x2 under inventory so we can see what items we have.

    9. Back button.
    There should be a back button for various menus, so we do not need to exit menus and re-open the main menu to open other menus.

    10. Garetta Elite Repeatable.
    Clicking 'Go To' in quest log when the quest is not taken takes me to Cryogen Mines.

    11. Guild ranks.
    We should be able to change the names of guild ranks.

    12. Guild invite shortcut button
    When inviting players, the guild button shouldn't be displayed if the target is already in a guild, similar to how we can not add someone who is already a friend.
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    This needs a little bit more attention.
    "Control is an illusion."

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    A janitor guild rank would be cool, +1

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