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    @Cinco I think this thread is going out of the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badsha Khan View Post
    U teaching how to adapt in pve? Nty, and u can show urself in ranked honor lb if u r really skilled and "adapted" but wait, u don't honor.

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    You clearly know who I am whenever you wanna vs just Private Message me your name and we can get it cracking ASAP otherwise stay here and wait for the legendary pet to get nerf before you step back in pvp bro I don’t want you to stress yourself more then you already are that’s not healthy bro

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    Eterno will become a little less powerful in PVP. Mechanics will stay the same and I am not going to allow you to immunize against his effects at this time (meaning: you're gonna get slowed and your armor will break if you get smacked by his AA). However, the degree of slow and the amount of armor breakage will be tuned to match the relative balance of other pets that have 'PVE and PVP' versions of their AA's.
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