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Thread: WEEKEND KILLING SPREE for The Collective!

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    Default WEEKEND KILLING SPREE for The Collective!


    This contest requires pre-registration so that we can take a screenshot of your PVE kills and mark the beginning of your 24-hour timeframe.

    Participants are given exactly 24 hours upon registration to run, whether individually, or teamed up with other participants so that you can help each other in the map, we leave it up to you.

    You may receive help from level 76 guildies if they so choose. BUT remember that THEY will not get anything for helping you. Capped players will have their own contest eventually.

    Each registered participant will be given a farming kit to motivate them to run. The farming kit includes:
    5 - damage, damage reduction, luck, speed elixirs
    3 - jewel elixirs for their class + 3 extra jewel elixirs of either diamond, chaos, nature, lightning, or water (they choose which 1)

    At the end of their 24-hour period, a new screenshot will be taken of their PVE kills. We will wait until the time has elapsed for all registered participants before we tally the numbers.

    Those with the most PVE kills amassed within the 24 hour period wins. There will be one winner per class (1 tank, 1 rogue, 1 mage).

    1 shady and surge
    1 superb jewel for their class

    REGISTRATION BEGINS AT 8pm / 20:00 Arlorian Time; AND CLOSES AT 4am Arlorian Time.

    You may register with any officer who's on Discord or LINE; and begin running immediately after registering.

    Checkout Officer Bravy's time-stamping skillzzz: Level 1000

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    **I have to apparently make 10 new posts to be able to make my own thread** this is ridiculous

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