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    Default PVP Honor

    To put it simpley...

    Whilst your in pvp honor.. it is possible to open cakes and the thief spawns which interrupts the match completely, I had accidentally clicked on my cakes during a match as its on my hotbars whilst a slight button smash session during a rage and load of thieves from cakes spawned causing me to lose the match...

    Now I'm not fussed about the loss... we were losing anyway lol.... however word on the grapevine is that it is possible to exploit this during a match helping win the match along with the points towards leaderboards that come with it...

    Now no one really likes a "grass" however I'm loving having pvp back and in such a fair way again and rather it doesn't get ruined... the trash-talking is entertaining but having bugs exploited is a no no... touch wood it hasn't happened to me however I would end up sending the bill for a new keyboard due to the rage I know it would cause to lose a match in such a way...

    so please can some sort of fix be implemented such as being unable to open items whilst in the honor area perhaps?

    thank you for the read!

    1 <3

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    We'll deal with it. Closing.

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