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Thread: Daily Blessings

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    Default Daily Blessings

    Elf Queen's Daily Blessings was introduced to encourage players to log in everyday but its nothing now with various Elixir Flasks introduced other than the extra luck it gives for level cap players.

    So how about buffing/adding other daily elixirs on Daily Blessings? Like
    4x and 5x Combo Elixirs (Chance to obtain on 5th day only)
    4x and 5x Dmg (only) Elixirs
    Auto Gold and Item Loot Elixirs?

    While also removing the other elixirs obtainable rn
    1.25x and 1.5x Combo Elixirs

    A daily quests could also be added to obtain a
    4x and 5x Exp Elixirs (30mins) and/or Xp Kits to help new players on leveling.

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    I like the idea of this. +1

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