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Thread: my suggestion about the christmas event [emoji3][emoji2]

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    Default my suggestion about the christmas event

    good night ... hj i came here talks about the christmas event that is close to us and all christmas events and always great for us. well my suggestion about christmas and doing so puts a feminine cold for the girls of mama noť red with a ring and with a christmas glow e. if you can bring the helix again, its color already has crystal blue, it will be great, you donít need to make a portal that is all playing together a pet that I was seeing that such an elf pet or ice doll will be a great Christmas event for us man can bring the elf set in another blue color with red that runs well 25% gold lot and more protection in the clothes will be good or maybe you can throw the old elders in the drop which would be blue lvl 51 thanks for the attention and a great week to all !.

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    Cinco i have a suggestion for the x-mas event i really love to see a new cape introduce to the game since we got back slot already and i'd prefer big capes over wings and i've been thinking if you can make this baboon mask and full body costumes wearing by Naraku from inuyasha i thought it looks so cool. and its not that complicated to make since it don't have much designs.Name:  images.jpeg
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