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Thread: Jewels awaken :)

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    No gold awakes on jewels, primarily stat/dmg is the only thing necessary. A precise order jewel only gives 10 str + 2.15dmg, if you have a set its 210 str + 45.15dmg not including multipliers. If you compare this to a brand new set of gear like lvl81 boots,gloves,earrings that will also receive awakes, the boost in stats is far shorter and easily tolerable.

    Jewels should receive similar bonuses like dmg/hp/armor according to its level for endgame player progression, considering jewel levels the Twink community shouldn’t be affected by the small bonuses a fortified jewel would grant. Any tiny enhancement like this would allow further challenge at endgame, providing better reward and fun content.

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    I could see how these gems would interesting, IF they are only usable in PvE.
    Im not a pvper but the only counter argument ever mentioned against more extensive gear choices is “pvp would be ruined”
    So its best to leave those conservatives be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helal View Post
    Last part I meant with awaken I can choose what I need to add to my gears for me personally I love ms awaken more than any things else ,,, and I can reach that only throw awaken other players might want to go for higher damage or gold loot

    So becouse of awaken types we are deferent and we have choice

    For pvp there is honor pvp for who want to do fair pvp

    For gold loot I do not know why players not thankful for this additional,, this additional make game very fair for all the game

    I am platinum player and I make from plat like 40m monthly ,, players with gl gears can make 40m by few days and I am happy because I will find some one from them will buy what I get from locked,, or I wont open any locked like what I was doing before gold loot released ,, plz do not think if there is no gold loot in game u can find arcane item for cheap? Becouse with out gold loot less players will open locked so arcane items would be much less

    Now days almost all 76 players have arcane gears ,, and that very good I guess becouse on old days before gl gears released were only few people who have arcane and op gears

    *Gold loot gears is best thing that sts add to game ,, to understand that impact you need to be old player to compare between the deference

    And sts already try to make balance to keep having balance between gold and items on games ,,they offer like blue gems which every few months that can be purchased by store for gold ,,, so they can take some extra gold from the game

    You know what your posts remind of?, venezuela! Yeah you heard it right, looting more gold isnt going to solve any problem currently existing in game. However it is going to give a boost to a problem which is already existing in game , inflation ! I literally dont see a single reason to increase gl or extra awakenings. I am pretty sure the vast majority feels the same way.

    So all im trying to say is dont mess with the current system and leave it as the way it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helal View Post
    Gold loot is great idea it saved game economic

    ,,, it makes farming active again after it was dead for long time ,,, but to avoid to let players can farm unlimited of gold ,,I think sts can make a limited for gold loot can player gain for daily

    Thanks for ur reply
    Farming is still active. That you don't farm gold doesn't mean it is dead. Adding a limit to the gold that you can loot per day is a TERRIBLE idea. There's people who spend all of their days farming gold to buy the items they want. Reducing the amount they can earn per day would bring more drama. Some of them just farm the gold to buy the things they want, but other players enjoy the process of going to those maps and running them with friends. You want another way to get gold loot, but now you propose to put a limit on the amount you can get, nice.
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