Big up for all the hard work but this is a problem in maps in general and timed maps with the camera changed for computer players. I understand that some Devs play on Pc and you find it fine to play with these changes. I mean this in the nicest way guys, but you do not play maps competitively and spend money for competitive purposes on gear/items/pets/elixirs for these maps.

I could do a comparison video if you like @devs , with the old camera angle and the new ones? To show you the difference in seconds lost because of these changes which make pc players have to run in a strange, eye bending, mind warping, jagged pattern just to try and run straight. And then the time lost for pople who will have to start re-mapping many times, wasting expensive and valuable multiple elixir seconds, just to get the best map angle each time. Even "sneaking" past mobs, is now almost impossible.

It kills off a main part of the game mechanics for computer players. A Fundamental part - It kind of means the current LB for timed runs is tainted, because certain current map times will be really hard to beat or almost be untouchable, as they were done before the changes? And it'll be unfair towards pc players as it currently is.

Thanks for your time.