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    Default Party option

    Iíll like to start with. Dl has many lazy ppl who donít play fair and join events to just afk. Yes there is a solo option which is great but it can be boring when many pvers would like to play with friends like the previous event made where one friend joins and invites the party they want to Join their map. Please [mention]Cinco [/mention] make this happen. Many of us are tired to waste time with these lazy players and the trouble to find a game within the friends we want in the map with us.

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    I like this idea and I understand what you mean but party option was done as we know in halloween because it was LB based halloween event i liked this concept where team work based and also people can go for solo LB it was quite unique and different system among to all other LB events. But this event is non-competitive one that's y I think its ordinary solo and multi js though it's confusing when is party option based or simple ones

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    Cinco can you tone down the white on new hunters set it way to bright

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