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    Default Traders Market Rules Reminder: Player call-outs (trade manipulation).

    Hello Legends! It's your friendly neighborhood Remiem here with a rules update for the Traders Market!

    Lately, we've seen a rise in call-outs for things like trade manipulation, scams, etc. As a reminder, calling out players publicly on the forums is not allowed and considered "non-contructive posting" per the Forum Rules.

    This includes but is not limited to the following:

    • Blaming a player for trade manipulation or false inflation.
    • Posting screenshots of private or public conversations.
    • Any "proof" that a player is using multiple accounts, or other methods to manipulate demand.
    • Posting that a price is too high, or suspicious.

    This kind of behavior will result in a warning at first, but can result in a forum ban if it continues.

    Do you think someone is breaking the rules?

    Let us know. Report the post and explain in the "Reason" field why you believe the person needs to be investigated. The moderator team will investigate each report thoroughly and make a decision based on our findings. Ultimately, that is final.

    The integrity of the Traders Market is very important, and those that set out to manipulate the player economy for their own gain ruin it for everyone. We will always do our best to make sure that we take appropriate action to prevent this. However, when it comes to the forums, we ask that you follow normal reporting procedures to keep things fair, peaceful, and fun for everyone.

    Many thanks!
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