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Thread: black galaxy set bonus? Multiplier??

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    Default black galaxy set bonus? Multiplier??

    Is the x3 armor even working? I cant see any difference between nymph set and galaxy? Maybe if you showed the calculations on our stats on screen. so we can see the change. Otherwise it could say x3 when it could only really be x2..

    On Arcane legends if you buy a damage elixir with 20% damage. It will show everybody on screen the increase.

    So for example in PL if we have 300 armor with savage set. Wearing a molt pet gives us 5300 armor showing.
    So if we are wearing the full black galaxy set.
    The stats should be 5300x3=15900 armor right? Could we have the calculator adding our stats so that we could see the increase in game or do we just have to believe what it says.

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    Default black galaxy set bonus? Multiplier??

    Another thing is I donít know if these vanity item buff stack with combos exlir

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    I think the set bonus isn’t showing on inspect page but it is applying
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