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Thread: Keys in Chrome - keys for turning around moved to an awkward place

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    Default Keys in Chrome - keys for turning around moved to an awkward place

    Currently the Q and E keys are for sucking blood and using a blood pack. Z and X are for turning. I know that a level can be played without turning, but for those who do turn, it's annoying to not have Q and E be normal turn buttons.

    I know the numpad is an alternative, but there the back button is 2 in stead of 5. And i'd like to use the mouse with my right hand. And using the numpad together with the main keys, some combinations dont get registered on normal keyboards. Eg its impossible to turn left while walking and charging an attack.

    This is especially annoying since already i wasted over 50 blood packs on accidentally hitting the E button. And much more to follow, as it's a deeply rooted instinct from playing DL on chrome for aeons.


    1. quick temporary fix: make the numpad 5 key walk back, in addition to the 2 key

    2. better fix: restore Q and E buttons for turning and use other buttons for suck blood and energy pack

    3. best fix: make keyboard keys customizable (i appreciate this might be difficult for a browser game)

    Out of the many intentional and frustrating ways STS tries to suck our money, i'm sure this isn't one. So i hope this can get some attention.
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    I like using Q and E for camera controls, too. I don't really understand how games can launch nowadays without the ability to customize controls. That's a basic tenet of modern game features, AFAIC.

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