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Thread: Estate's Buying and Selling Thread #2

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    Arrow Estate's Buying and Selling Thread #2

    Selling Misc Items (Scroll for vanities)
    -L20 Pink Snowbow (10m)
    -L13 Pink FBow (15m firm)
    -L15 Pink Bonecage (8m)
    -L15 Pink Cat Shield (8m)
    -L15 Pink Forgotten Staff (8m)
    -L15 Pink Doll (8m)
    -OG Chocolate Rabbit Ears
    -L77 Lust Dex 5pc Set


    ALL Founders helms 10m per (BULK)
    L56 Merrymaker Hammer (5m firm)
    L50 Cyber Wing & Talon
    L2 Wand
    L5 White Pickaxe
    L2 Wing Shield
    L2-L5 Pink War Hammers

    PM ME IN GAME: Estate, Miscarriage, Twash.
    DM ME ON DISCORD Estate#6715



    2012 Reindeer antlers
    2014 reindeer antlers
    2016 reindeer antlers
    2018 passion pink party hat
    2018 red ravers party hat
    2018 silver sky party hat
    2018 winter sky party hat
    Arcane demon lord helm
    Autumnal wreath
    Best antenna ever 2010
    Bigger Luck
    Black Hazard Cowl
    Brown Antenna
    Burgundy Antenna
    Burgundy Bruhat
    Carrot Nose
    Chrome Logo
    Classy Celebration Helm
    Crown Of Frost
    Fancy Legend Party hat
    Flame Bunny Ears (small)
    Flame Bunny ears 2013 (big)
    Forgotten Treasure Helm
    Frosty Nog
    2x Gold antenna
    Golem Warshipper mask
    Heart Beatz 2013
    Heart Beatz 2014
    Holiday Nap Cap
    Holiday Wreath
    2x Orange Hooch Hat
    Blue Hooch Hat
    Red Hooch Hat
    Insomniac’s Napping cap (green x Gold)
    White Lighted Winter antlers
    Lion mask
    Little ambassador Party hat
    Little love 2017
    Little Luck 2012
    Merry In red cap
    Mitas Dragon Master Helm
    2x Noir legend party hat
    Orange antenna
    Pink antenna
    Pumpkin head of terror
    Purple antenna
    2x Red Antenna
    Seafoam legend party hat
    Snowman helmet (same as frosty nog but OG +1 armor buff)
    2x Spring legend party hat
    Saint patty’s pot o gold
    3x dark hollow trader hat
    Iron jack
    Nine lives cake hat
    Wintry Wreath
    Ye Ol Tannenbaum (Christmas tree)
    Black Greatdragon Vanity Helm
    Best antenna ever 2011


    2x Sapphire dragon daggers
    Sapphire dragon staff
    Blue angel blade
    Evil Ghost’s talon
    Evil ghost’s sword
    2x Good ghost’s sword
    Good ghost wand


    2x Cyber jet wings
    Green Navigator Uniform
    Holiday Helper Outfit
    Human costume
    Ice Blast wings
    Purple Tactical Uniforms
    Space Navy Elite
    Spring santa costume (green)
    Toxic Zombie Costume
    Blue dragon Vanity armor
    St Pattys Clover wings


    2x Eye of eternity
    2x ancient coin shield
    2x Black cat candy bag
    Gabby Green shield
    Ghost candy bag
    Gold blarney buckler
    2x Gold pocket legend shield
    Legends shield
    Lemmy’s Jeweled Kite shield
    Lemuel’s gemstone Shield
    2x piercing love
    Sapphire Crusader Shield
    Silver Pocket legend shield
    Spooky shield
    St pattys brew stein
    St patty’s lucky bracer
    Star legends bag
    The Adventurine shield
    Black Dragon Crest
    UK Emblem Shield
    2x Red/Purple Valentines Day Bouquet
    2x Pink/Red Valentines Day Bouquet
    Vampire Stake
    Veterans Centurion Shield
    2x Winter 2012 Gorgeous Gift (blue)
    Winter 2013 Pretty present (yellow)
    Winter 2012 Nicely wrapped gift (green)
    OG Pocket Legend Shield
    Flaming pumpkin shield
    Viridian Holoshield
    Violet holoshield
    Candy trashbag


    Archie (Gold drag)
    3x Candy heart 2018
    Gerry Mander
    Gingerbread Boy
    2x Gingerbread cookie
    2x Gran’ma
    Green Balloon
    Ice Chip
    2x Karonis (green drag)
    2x Snowdrift
    St Pattys Ballon
    Valentines balloon 2013 (pink)
    Valentines balloon 2014 (light red)
    Valentines balloon (red)
    Valoria (blue drag)
    2x Whiteout


    49x [Elixer Flask - 2x Experience
    56x [Elixer Flask - 3x Experience (30min)]
    26x [Elixer Flask - 4x Experience (30min)]
    6x [Elixer Flask - 5x Experience (30min)]
    12x [Twink’s Mad’Lur Hunter Kit]
    18x [Elixer Flask - 3x Speed]
    3x [Elixer Flask - 4x Speed]
    4x [Makeup Kit - The Gold Metal Mohawk]
    [Makeup Kit - The Purple Metal Mohawk]

    Crafting Materials:

    Elite Elvish Relic Recipe
    Elite ZARYK Bow (Archer)
    OK’TAL Sword Blade
    AE Strength Element
    Amulet Gem Extractor
    Magical Essence
    RECIPE: L55 Enchanted Gem Bracer
    RECIPE: L55 Enchanted Gem Robe
    RECIPE: L55 Fortified 2h Sword
    RECIPE: L55 Fortified Gem Shield
    RECIPE: L55 Gem Battle Axe
    2x RECIPE: L55 Gemstone Dagger
    RECIPE: L60 Demonic Glyph Armor
    RECIPE: L60 Demonic Glyph Helm
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    IGNs: Estate - Miscarriage - Twash - Receipts
    Former IGNs: Sugar - Sugaronja - Suga - Latel

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    bump bump bump bump bump

    IGNs: Estate - Miscarriage - Twash - Receipts
    Former IGNs: Sugar - Sugaronja - Suga - Latel

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