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Thread: New Ring, Amu, Belt Arcane Procs

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    Default New Ring, Amu, Belt Arcane Procs

    Currently, Elite/Boss Damage and Movement Speed are the most popular, and is the trend in quickly running and finishing maps.

    So, for later arcane gears, I was thinking of the following procs:

    Ring: Chance to add +0.1% BD after an enemy has been defeated

    Amulet: Chance to add +0.1% ED after an enemy has been defeated

    Belt: Chance to add +0.1 MS after an enemy has been defeated

    PS. The values are just place holders and should be tweaked according to the games content.

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    To start with, people not necessarily have any bd /bd/ms
    As those stats you get by acquiring special gears or pets(speedset for ms, kill ring for ed, pets for bd,ed,ms) or by awakened gears.
    So there are not any base stat for the bd/ed to adding % to that won't give big difference.

    So if you're thinking of new arcane gears, it could be directly given ms,bd,ed as their base stats, so the proc would show the effect by it, instead of only keeping it valid till the boundaries of proc itself instead of stat based gears i.e str/int/dex or both.
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