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Thread: Pvp-honor-recordings

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    Default Pvp-honor-recordings

    Dear all - ty for your replies.

    I can see - that I do not stand alone on my previous post about bullying & throwing games.

    Again, I am on your side, so is many experienced players - who have shown me love.

    Still I believe something should be done.
    I Will not stand by and watch a few bullys ruin a whole game-mode for everyone but themselves.

    So as we speak, I will be recording all my pvp honor games - so as to learn from my mistakes, but also looking out for those who throw games or speak in a manor which canít be accepted!

    I think we all need a fresh start - and canít believe my ears, when people tell me, they are scared to play pvp because of the volatile enviroment.

    These recordings, if needed, once finished and produced, will be submitted to all AL/STS related support teams. Since these players think, that they can get away with abusive behavior and throwing games? In order to make us new pvp-players quit - I hope they will be meet with hard action against their characters by the admins.

    Again, I, myself, have also engaged in the part of TT - since I found it to be the only way to defend one self. NO-LONGER!

    Tysm - and donít quit! Join me in windmoore and stand tall!

    Much Love Nipzey

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    Bro, please stop it. It is getting irritating. Just uninstall the game. I like playing against humans and this is how playing with humans feel. If you are so hurt by someone in a game, maybe this is not for you. If you want to play against bots, then ask STS to introduce a custom honor game where you can practice with bots.

    Almost all games have TT and intentional feeding. AL already has a small player base playing PVP and if you take action against players for things like Trash Talk and throwing, there will be no one to play against. You seem to live in a different world filled with rainbows. Your posts are starting to feel cringy and fake. No need to be Mahatma Gandhi of Arlor.

    What would be better is an option to hide the chat and messages from other players. If you are soft, you can just use that option and you will not see messages or names of other players.

    You sound like that kid in school who gets into a fight and when he doesn't win, he goes and complains to the teacher. IMO there's no honor in that.
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    I use a Radeon GPU so I just record my desktop through Radeon ReLive. Nvidia has the same thing for their gpus called Shadowplay.
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