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Thread: Suggestions for the future of PL!

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    Lightbulb Suggestions for the future of PL!

    Suggestions For The Future of PL!
    (Put together by Estate and the Twink Hub Discord Server)
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    1. A REAL ATTEMPT AT A Quality Of Life (QoL) UPDATE. Change the menu's, the leaderboard, the fonts, the map, the trading, the quick chats, the loading screen, the emotes. Make some things easier, make some things look better and make some things more efficient. Put an option in the Options Menu to go back to the original if a player prefers the OG experience. This would be a better update than events and adding things just for the sake of adding things, or having events. It has a purpose

    2. Somewhat of a voucher/Cheque program where you can buy like a 10m or 100m voucher and you can put that in your inventory. This would help people not get scammed in trades that go over the gold cap. You also wouldn't have to change trading. Yes it would affect the economy adversely, maybe even catastrophically, but that's for the dev's to figure out, I'm trying my best here. Money & Supply/Demand are broken as is.

    3. No New Rings and Amulets...yet.
    -For L50 +... Do not introduce new 3pc rings for valentines day, and wait until whatever summer event to introduce any new (large) stat changing items. The summer event should be the one to do it if any.
    -DO NOT, WHATSOEVER, Add more rings/amulets to L10-40 unless ofc they are going to make a difference in balancing PvP. This is to keep the game in somewhat of a limbo, so that landscape of everything isn't changing constantly. There's no use in introducing something just for the sake of introducing something.

    4. Deal out bans and warnings by specifying what rule a player is breaking, would encourage much more player participation. PL isn’t the same as it was back in 2010, the Terms Of Service should adapt to the current state of the game. People should know why they were banned, or why they will be banned, based on what rule they are breaking.

    5. Release more country buttons and shields. The new vanities lately have been amazing and I personally hate rereleases and re-skins, so it's been nice to see. However, what isn't outdated is having pride in where you are from. I would suggest adding country buttons and shields to the store for places like Ireland, Scotland, the Scandinavian Countries (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland) and Thailand or maybe Hong Kong. Put them in the plat store and I promise they sell like hot cakes.

    6. Honor PvP is supposed to be the great equalizer to allow people to PvP anywhere on an equal level as their peers, no matter the class. It makes PvP more skill based. It ONLY does this at 110. At all other levels of honor, range kills anything without range. Bears, Rhinos are useless. I don't have an exact fix for this one but I would look into it since it looks like Honor PvP isn't doing what it is intended to do at all levels.

    7. Make a separate arena for 105 Honor sets. They shouldn't have been added before 100 honor was perfected anyways, but since we have them, the least you could do is make a separate arena. This coincides with the idea of skill based PvP I outlined above.

    8. I know people in the community put together a forum post that lists all the sets and their bonuses...however I'd like for Cinco and the Dev's to make this obsolete by just putting set bonuses on all of the sets that grant them. I have no idea why this hasn't already been done, but, for example, It would make the game so much cleaner and easier if I forgot what the Ruby Set bonus was.

    9. A Daily Blessing rework. It seems as if this feature was forgotten about over the update cycles, and it's the reason why Number 1 on this list is a QoL update. The thing is, the bonuses that is gives each day, and even at the end, are not enough to matter, especially to new players. Make it longer, make the rewards increase and cap at a month instead of a week, Include simple vanities, Include gold multipliers/bonuses, Include better bonuses, do something useful with a mostly forgotten feature.

    10. Add plat store offers to Deal of the Day on an RNG based system. Give a couple sale prices (5%, 10%, 15%, 20%), and everyday the system rolls and if it hits the plat offer sections it rolls again for the percentage sale. Would likely increase sales if it isn't hard to do.

    11. When you equip a different face like "Dark Elf" or "Orcish Elf" for example, it only changes the color of your face. Some outfits like the Onyx Sets, etc, show your hands and lower legs, but the skin tone doesn't match the face, it's just white.

    (Honorable Mention). Change the orientation of the ship, or where the supply officer and stash is, or double the capacity, etc etc, for April Fools Day.
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