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Thread: Arcane Legends battle pass

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    Default Arcane Legends battle pass

    Sometime did you imagine what if AL have battle pass wherein we can buy this for plat or gold cost?

    Now this is the time... I want to suggest AL battle pass wherein this battle pass have 50 to 100 levels. This battle pass can run for almost 3 months exact foe the end of season

    This battle pass have a task and daily task ofcourse wherein you need to meet the requirements to go for the next level.

    Example: Kill 2000 mobs for 50 points (more points if you pt 2 to 3 players having a battle pass also) ( 5 to 10 points added)


    Kill 200 boses
    Open 100 chests
    Run Elite kraken for 20 times

    AL battle pass have

    - House furniture limited for battle pass only (Can be tradw but im sure this is rare)
    - Vanities ofcourse limited for battle pass and this vanity is can't be trade for rarity and the other vanities have aura exclusive for battle pass.
    - Plat or gold (Example: For Level 25 from the battle pass you need to choose what u need to get if plat or gold (you decide how much)
    - Limited winks
    - Awake gems
    - Respec scroll and Ankhs
    - Jewel chest contains superb up jewels
    - Special aura winks
    - Crate tokens
    - Orc Glint Cryo Sacks
    - Limited chest wherein you can get maul, blackbeard, kershal etc. (New arc weapon that you can make it for vanity "having recipe") this chest need to open for 5 plats 3 to 5 pulls
    - Arcane legends token (This token use for buying pots, vanity, slots, pets etc. to arcane legends store)
    - Heroic pet exclusive for battle pass
    - Rename card
    - Titles
    So on...
    (This rewards is foe example only for ideas)

    For achievement for having battle pass

    -First purchase battle pass
    -5 consecutive purchased battle pass (have a colored title)
    -10 consecutives purchased battle pass (badge)
    -5 times purchase battle pass (title)
    -15 times purchase battle pass (Vanity)
    -Added for aps
    -20 times purchase battle pass (Special aura)

    I hope this idea are added soon what if... Hahahaha.

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    It would be better if they added a daily reward system - log in every Day and get something, but a battle pass.... Hell no... Its a mmorpg after all...

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    Many suggested battle pass and got bad feedback alrdy.
    I myself don't want a battle pass, why make the game even more p2w? smh.
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    -1 I don't see a point for adding a battle pass system for this. It would only make this fortnite 2.0

    Also this thread basically just seems to say limit everything unless you spend money on the battle pass. And again, this game is pretty much dead there is no point in a battle pass system.

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    -1 Battle pass don't work with this kind of game (mmorpg) don't force f2p be p2w xd

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    Don't need this.stop blatantly suggesting something from other games.
    Already p2w with auras and exclusive platinum vanities which are overpriced themselves.
    Replace this idealogy in bringing better enjoyable content to play and not more vanity and exclusives for money zzz

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