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    Default Forums and PL

    I think to start off 2021 we needa get the forums active again. We need people on here throwing ideas out left and right like they used to. Itll help devs see what we want, and its a good place for people to communicate PL! I think suggesting ideas here will help PL, for we can get our ideas implemented if we suggest and a lot react. Feel free to leave suggestions, or make your own thread so people can see it!
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    The forums were way more active back in 2017 and before. Forums are dead now cos the game itself is dead. And people did used to put forward suggestions. Do you remember burntoutdex’s long post in early 2019? ‘The state of PL in 2019’. He spent a whole month writing it and I have yet to see any of his ideas being implemented in the game. When high effort posts are ignored, it really deters u from making them.

    I do hope the forums would be more active especially the pvp section but that’s wishful thinking.

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