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    Default NEW Guild &lt;Dub&gt;

    NEW guild for all who wanna join us , we accept anyone and everyone and do our best to help New players out. If you want to just chill come on over! if you need help leveling we'll help. Need help with prices? Just ask!

    pm me on Blaring for an invite or just ask anyone who you see with the &lt;Dub&gt; title

    To give back to those who helped us grow we are hosting a giveaway of 10m to FIVE people who are in our guild once we reach 100 members.

    -Be nice people no toxicity please, unless you're just joking around
    -Try not to cause big fights or anything to mess up the vibe
    -Try your best to help put not just to guild members but everyone
    -Be somewhat social, if you're online and see a guild mate, don't hesitate to say hi!
    -Dont have to mention this but no scamming/anything breaking TOS will be accepted.
    -Have fun! that's the main reason I created this guild to have a sense of comrodery and Friendship. We are one big family!

    If you join us enjoy your stay, and welcome to the family! more giveaways/Guild events coming soon!

    Discord server is now LIVE!! send me a chat in game to join(you have to currently be in &lt;Dub&gt; obviously ._.)

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