I see so many updates about pvp or pve campaign, but they never touch the guild system, i think it's old and boring... Should be cool if they improve new system or add new ranks. Or a guild bank, any benefit.

Benefits: Greater interaction with the members of the clans, so that they feel rewarded and their social position in the guild is well established, visible to all.

Rank with colors should be cool?

A structure of how the new ranges could be... (this is a example they can put it however they want if the idea is accepted, there may be great names for the ranks)

  • Member
  • Recruiter
  • Veteran
  • Lord
  • Officer
  • Master

Should be cool if the master can add or modify ranks (only happen in their own guild).

Benefits: Allows the leader to financially control the clan for member benefits, allows members to donate.

It is quite a dilemma, the leader can use it for his own benefit and there can be corruption. Could you create another currency in the game (guild money), to buy exclusive benefits to the clan ??? I honestly do not agree with this system very much, from another point of view it can be great.

So how can all this help Spacetime and staff team?
These types of benefits could be unlocked with platinum and take away these privileges from guilds worth 50k. This will encourage more people to buy platinum to get benefits for their guilds. Could you even increase the prices of other types of guild hall?